What does it do?

The HyCare 2 is a patent pending beauty and health device that generates molecular hydrogen for human consumption. Read more about the benefits of hydrogen here.

Ideal for clinics.

The HyCare 2 is ideal for health and beauty clinics due to its powerful and many functions. It gives the clinic the opportunity to offer their clients a cutting edge and technologically advanced molecular hydrogen treatment

The powerful pump.

The HyCare 2 is larger in size than the HyCare 1. The extra space is required to accommodate the larger patent pending pump system that makes it possible to handle up to three Tools at a time. The extra power delivered by the is needed to fuel the Hycare H2 Mist spray as well as the Hycare H2 Doozer. The pump can be adjusted to fit each Tool.

Molecular Hydrogen Output for HyCare 2 supported add-on Tools

Hycare H2 Inhalation

Hycare H2 Water

Hycare H2 Foam

* One part per million (ppm) denotes one part per 1,000,000 parts.

The design.

The HyCare 2 features a chrome plated unibody design for the main structure. Unibody construction means a higher-precision, less complex design with fewer parts. That translates to a device that looks great and is light, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of everyday use.

6 Tools.

The molecular hydrogen can be consumed in various ways depending on which of the Hycare Akarui Tools are selected. Each Tool target a different area of the body or layer of the skin. All Tools focus either on the skin or the overall health and wellbeing.

Customise your HyCare 2.

Similar to the HyCare 1, the HyCare 2 can be tailor-made to fit the necessary requirements and target exactly the areas of the skin or body that is needed to provide the optimal experience for the user. The HyCare 2 supports 6 effective Tools ensuring a top class molecular hydrogen treatment.

Hycare H2 Spray

Hycare H2 Doozer

Hycare H2 Water

* One part per million (ppm) denotes one part per 1,000,000 parts.

Setting the industry standard.

The HyCare 2 is joining our product range of hydrogen generating health and beauty devices, which pushes the boundaries of innovation by developing hardware attachments for hydrogen usage. This entails setting the bar high for both functionality and safety. As hydrogen is an explosive gas the material must be anti-static. The high quality chrome plating is just that.

A fusion of technology, power, and innovation.

With the new HyCare 2, we set out to engineer a full-size experience into the lightest and most compact molecular hydrogen beauty device ever built. That meant reimagining every element to make it not only lighter and smaller but also better. The result is more than just a beauty device. It’s the future of beauty care.

Enhanced performance.

The HyCare 2 generates molecular hydrogen from the aluminium based Hycare H2 Powder. From a 3 gram pack of HyCare H2 Powder, a beauty and health sitting including all 6 Tools is possible in one go. The HyCare 2 is well designed and powerful piece of equipment that makes anti ageing handling worth while.