How to use the powder.

The Hycare H2 Powder is what makes the HyCare 1 and HyCare 2 come to life. Before every session a Hycare H2 Powder bag is inserted into the HyCare 1 reaction chamber. 2cl of 40~60*C water is added to the reaction chamber (80~90*C is used to make hydrogen water). The powder reacts with the water. Now hydrogen gas is generated, which can be consumed by one of the attachments.

Hydrogen generating principle.

The HyCare H2 Powder is an alloy powder based on a formula of aluminium and tin. It generates hydrogen from hydrolysis (the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water). The chemical reaction is: 2 A l + 6H20 -> 3H2 (hydrogen gas) + 2 A l (OH)3 (aluminium hydroxide) + Heat.

Made to measure.

The Hycare H2 Powder comes in bags of 3 grams. The 3 gram bag delivers enough molecular hydrogen strength required for one hydrogen treatment session. The bag must be disposed of after use.

Patented Power.

The basis for the Hycare H2 Powder was developed by Dr. Ishida from Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. By coincidence, he discovered that a particular type of Aluminium alloy generates hydrogen by hydrolysis. Subsequently, he obtained a license (patent number: 5383989), and today we utilise the same recipe to manufacture our HyCare H2 Powder. We are officially approved by the patent holder, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). The patented metal hydride mix ensures great hydrogen output from the HyCare Akarui hydrogen generators at every use. Please beware of utilising non-authorised powder, which doesn’t describe the contents/components on the package.