The future is here.

The patent pending Hycare H2 Foam utilises molecular hydrogen to generate a hydrogen rich foam bursting with healthy antioxidants. The revolutionary patent-pending technology will turn your pre-exisiting beauty cream into a molecular hydrogen rich skin foam, which holds amazing beauty and health properties. Thanks to the Hycare H2 Foam the tell-tale signs of premature ageing are delayed.

A foamy revolution.

The Hycare H2 Foam delivers maximum results in skin repair and restoration whilst the skin is cleansed in-depth, hydration is restored and the facial features are lifted and smoothed. The skin is left youthful, radiant and rested. A simple, yet revolutionary procedure.


How does it work?

The foam is generated when the Hycare H2 Foam device is attached on top of the Hycare One. Our foam is made from thousands of nano bubbles and each bubble is filled with molecular hydrogen. As the bubbles slowly burst when touching your skin the hydrogen enters the pores and starts the beneficial process of neutralising the cell-damaging free radicals.

Ultimate skin rejuvenation.

It is an amazing tool for a face-wash or to use in areas of the body where skin problems occur. This deluxe foam intensively targets the deeper layers of the skin and provides ultimate skin rejuvenation.

What is Hycare H2 Foam good for?

Defends against the signs of aging

The skin’s natural collagen network is supported, promoting skin elasticity and hydration. The Hycare H2 Foam is designed to combat cell damage as a direct result of damaging environmental aggressors, such as stress, pollution and free-radical damage. It delivers the ultimate anti-oxidant protection and strong cell cohesion, which in turn stimulates cell metabolism and turnover.

Effective pore cleansing

Dissolves excess oil, dirt, and debris caught in the pores.

Helps combat the look of fatigue

Molecular hydrogen has an extremely positive effect on our blood cells. Some of the benefits are seen when the hydrogen ions uncluster the red blood cells so they can do what they’re meant to do – transport oxygen, resulting in fresh and radiant looking skin.

Skin damage

Sensitive skin, sun burn, acne, cuts, scrapes, burns, eczema, rashes, psoriasis, age spots or scarred skin will benefit greatly from Hycare H2 Foam.

Molecular Hydrogen Output for Hycare H2 Foam

Long exposure.

The foam targets the deeper layers of the skin for an extended period of time. Generally speaking, the longer the exposure of hydrogen to the cells, the better the result will be. Our foam delivers hydrogen to a targeted skin area longer and more powerful than any other product on the market. The results speak for themselves.


Add a cream of your choice.

You simply add a cream of your own choice and after a few moments molecular hydrogen exceeding 1000ppm is encapsulated in the cream that by now has turned into a smooth skin foam. The foam lasts for around 10 minutes depending on which cream you use to make it. We recommend creams that will produce at great foam. However, creams of your own choice can also be used with great results. See Instructions Manual on how to use.