About HyCare Akarui

HyCare Akarui specialise in designing and selling beauty and health devices that utilise molecular hydrogen. We are a young company headquartered in Tokyo and with an European satellite office in London. Our mission is to offer molecular hydrogen based beauty, health and medical devices to health conscious consumers and medical clinics across the globe. We work collaboratively with leading molecular hydrogen professors in Japan to discover their message and materialise their concepts. We also offer private-label devices to third-party companies and distributors, although our best products are offered exclusively to our own customers.

Our Story

In 2007, the first article branding molecular hydrogen as a powerful antioxidant was published in Nature magazine. The following years the interest for molecular hydrogen in scientific circles rose exponentially with one study after the other confirming the initial reports. HyCare Akarui was subsequently founded in 2013 to offer state of the art molecular hydrogen devices and as a result making it accessible and easy for people to benefit from the healthy gas. Initial funding for HyCare Akarui was provided by Derik Mills of Yoga Glo, Jay Penske of Penske Media, Martin Cannavo and Christian Jorgensen. The funding was partly non-profit with the intended goal of aiding Japan after the 2011 nuclear disaster.


Today, HyCare Akarui is run by a global network of people dedicated to the hydrogen cause. They cooperate in various ways to support the ongoing pursuit of health through hydrogen products born in Japan. Our beauty and health products are supported and loved by a significant number of international fashion models. Their busy travel schedules and long working hours require more than just make-up. They, of all people, can testify to the necessity of maintaining a good health and skin care regime. In our hydrogen products they have found a solution that satisfy these demands.

Technological know-how

Our molecular hydrogen equipment is based on technical know-how acquired from our Japanese partner Izumo Electric. The founder of Izumo Electric, Mr Kadowaki, realised the potential of hydrogen while working for the High Energy Accelerator Research Organisation (KEK). Here he engaged in the development of a so-called "proton (hydrogen ion) beam profile monitor" for particle accelerators. By means of collecting the second electron, the monitor was able to visualise the beams behaviour. Alongside KEK he contributed to the study of radiation therapy at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS) for several years. This background in advanced technological research would later prove to be a solid foundation for developing the hydrogen equipment exclusively offered by HyCare Akarui today. When Mr Kadowaki's father was first diagnosed with Alzheimers and since cancer, he obtained a newfound interest in those diseases. The extensive knowledge gathered from his radiation/cancer studies combined with technological know-how from a semiconductor H2 washing process, led to the first molecular hydrogen medical equipment. HyCare Akarui are still working closely together with Izumo Electrics.